Wunderkammern: The Private Life of Objects

for chamber ensemble (2014). This through-composed feature-length film score was composed for the film by Erika Suderburg of the same name. Live version available Fall of 2015.

In Short, Db

for a flexible ensemble of a minimum of 10 players (2014) 18:00 – 45:00 Premiered June 2014 on Make Music NY by In Key.

before and after (1994/2002)

Instrumentation: Chamber orchestra (16:00)

Premiere Date:  Premiered by Nouvel Ensemble Moderne in April of 2002 at the Angel Orensantz Center, NYC.

Meditation (2003)


Instrumentation: String orchestra

Premiere Date: Awaiting concert premier Recorded by Kiev Philharmonic and released on ERM Media in 2005

Meditation 2 (2012)

Meditation 2 (2012)

Instrumentation: orchestra (8:00)
Premiere Date: Awaiting premier